Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Predators and their Prey

An old joke in the security community is:

  • Two people are walking on the Serengeti and they notice a lion is stalking them.
  • The first person stops , pulls out running shoes and puts them on.
  • The second person states "You can't out run a lion."
  • The first person states "I don't I have to out run the lion. I have to out run you."

The moral is that the easiest "kill" is the one most often taken by the predators.

The corollary is that the predators would rather hunt large herds where the shear number almost guarantees a kill.

The corollary's moral is that since Windows is the biggest herd on the internet so make sure you'r not one of the slowest and weakest in the herd.

Personally my running gear consists of a hardware firewall, personal firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam. In addition to that I use Firefox with the noscript and Siteadvisor extensions.

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