Friday, May 25, 2007

Drive by What?

It used to be that that you could avoid certain types of sites and avoid most malware. Add a good antivirus software are you where pretty safe. Not any more just about any site can be used for drive-by-downloads.

Now even major sites can participate in spread infections just by displaying advertising. The dark side submits an ad that downloads malware by just viewing the ad on a site.

This has become so common that Brian Krebs, of Security Fix fame, wrote an article about it called Cyber Crooks Hijack Activities of Large Web-Hosting Firm. Where it discusses a web hosting provider that has literally hundreds of infected host sites, and the site owners don't even know that their sites are infected.

Even Google discusses it in their new security blog with their initial post Introducing Google's online security efforts.

Alas we are not completely helpless. I have mentioned Noscript before and I will continue to recommend it to enhance your control over what runs on your computer.

I will also mention an anti-malware tool from eEye that I recently discovered called Blink that is currently free for personal use in North America.
eEye Digital Security is offering Blink Personal Internet security with Antivirus for free as a 1-year subscription in North America.
If you are outside of North America, as of the time I write this, the price is $24.95 for one computer and $29.95 for three (3) computers. I have found this to be quite effective without causing performance issues.


All Blog Spots said...

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All Blog Spots said...

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tralfaz said...

What "all blog spots" is trying to say is "spam spam spam spam spam spam spam"
I had some unwanted software attempt to latch onto my system called Viewpoint. I've seen this viewpoint toolbar on other people's browsers and i know I don't want it. It was deceptive because it said that I had been updated and told me to hit the update button. But by hitting the update button I was agreeing to a whole bunch of nasty stuff. I hate malware :(
Heres a screen shot of the Viewpoint scum software at work