Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Olympic Sized Ego

Picture this:
Security Bozos are happy to welcome you to the 2012 Olympics. Please excuse us while we limit the size of your drinks, run you through bomb detection equipment, search your belongings and in general disrupt your ability t0 enjoy the games. Please note that there will be a number of winners that will receive full body cavity searches.
Or this:
The 2012 Olympics are brought to you by [put major soft drink here] and [put major athletic shoe maker here]. Please remember for faster entry and bypassing the normal security checks pre-order either a case of [put major soft drink here] and [put major athletic shoe maker here] on line for pickup at the Olympics. Please present your receipt to the security guards for expedited entry into the games.
What is all this babble about? It has been decided that Security for the the 2012 Olympics will be provided by a Major sponsor of the 2012 Olympics. The incredible arrogance.

  • What real security company would buy their way into the job and provide acceptable security?
  • What previous sponsor has any clue on how to provide security for an event of this size?


tralfaz said...

So anyone can be the security company if they have enough money? I'm starting a fund raiser right now. Who's in with me? Let's be the security for the 2012 Olympics! You won't catch me at those Olympic games.

Leonard said...

Tralfaz your comment and a article about Tux500, see Push for Indy 500's first TeamLinux car stirs controversy, made me wonder if Ken Starks one of the Guys behind Tux500 would try to raise the money.

Maybe have the opensource community setup and maintain a secure computer infrastructure and team up with a physical security company.

It could even appeal to some people outside of the opensource community.