Thursday, May 31, 2007

When Google isn't Google: Google-analytics Compromised

It has been reported the the popular Google Analytics has been compromised. The details are in the ISC Diary Entry titled Google Counter ... isn't.

What this means to the average user is that any web site that uses Google Analytics, and there are more than a few that use this free service, will attempt to infect your computer.

Wat is the average user to do? Disable javascript and break most web sites? Which is almost like putting bars on your windows and refusing to leave the house.

Well it isn't a secret what I do I use Firefox and the noscript extension as my main defense against this. I normally leave anything not required for accessing a site, including Google Analytics, disabled. I was initially surprised by the number of javascripts attempting to run from sites I had not directly connected to. I would describe this as checking who a visitor is bringing with them when they want to visit my house.

sites that where used to See "Drive by What?" for my latest blog entry on the subject, or check here for all my references to noscript.

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